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Team Building!

Did you know that we also offer Special Off-Hour Games? These are great options for Company Team Building Activities that need to be scheduled during work hours. 

Return for Private Game!

If you had a blast on your first visit but want to play a game with just your friends/family/team, we would love to offer you a Buyout Discount when you book out an entire room on our normal available schedule!  


DISCLAIMER: For safety precautions, if our staff deems that you appear under the influence or of disorderly conduct, you will not be allowed to participate and/or will be removed from the game and premises. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. You will forfeit the opportunity to return to our establishment and will not receive a refund. ​

The Great Room Escape is a fully interactive and immersive experience. Working as a team, you have one hour to find clues and solve riddles in order to make your escape before time is up! This is a fantastic challenge for corporate groups, teams, family and friends. Not only is it a fun and interactive game, it challenges the group’s ability to work together and communicate. Something completely new! 

Escape Rooms

Great Room Escape San Diego

For information about Off Hour Games or Private Buyouts, please email gresandiego@yahoo.com or call 619.414.5459

                                                                   New Location Information coming soon!

  • Games Operate Thursday-Sunday 

  • Ticket Price: $34.95/person 

  • Please see FAQs for more details,including age restrictions/requirements 

We are currently closed to undergo exciting new changes for 2019!

Re-Opening details coming soon!