The Forbidden Aztec Temple,

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great room escape: san diego

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DISCLAIMER: For safety precautions, if our staff deems that you appear under the influence or of disorderly conduct, you will not be allowed to participate and/or will be removed from the game and premises. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. You will forfeit the opportunity to return to our establishment and will not receive a refund. ​Type your paragraph here.

The Great Room Escape is a fully interactive and immersive experience unlike anything you have ever done before. No longer do you sit back and watch the show, now you are 100% part of it.

A team of participants will enter a room, the question is whether they will make it out in one hour. Clues and riddles hidden throughout the room provide the tools to meet your objective. Every room is different and has different stories behind it. You can test your wit and your grace under pressure.

Work as a team and you just might make it, either way it will be the fastest and most intense hour you have ever experienced. As the clock ticks down and the pressure mounts, can you stay calm, can you escape?

The Great Room Escape is fantastic for corporate teams and groups. Not only is it a fun and interactive game, it challenges the group’s ability to work together and communicate. Something completely new! Your team will be talking about it for the rest of the year. 

General Information: (Please see FAQs for more details)

Normal Days of Operation: Thursday-Sunday. Please check Schedule for specific dates and times available.

Check-In: Must arrive 30 minutes prior to your booked game time. You will be here for a total of 1.5 hours.  

Ticket Prices: $34.95/person. 

Ages 5 and under are not allowed to participate. Restrictions apply for ages 6-18. Please see FAQs for details. 

If your group does not reach the maximum per room then you will be paired with other participants. If you would like to have a game with only your friends, then simply purchase the entire block of tickets or call for a special game with just your group.

Special/Off-Hour Games: Looking to book a game for your corporate event, team building experience, private party or large group for a day/time that you do not see available on the schedule? For details on setting up a Special Game during our off-hours, please call 619.414.5459 or email