The ancient Aztec Temple that you and your group were exploring seems to be collapsing! You realize that you may have just sealed your fate and could potentially be trapped here for eternity. Can you and your group band together, outsmart booby-traps and escape this Forbidden Aztec Temple with your lives, before time runs out?

DISCLAIMER: For safety precautions, if our staff deems that you appear under the influence or of disorderly conduct, you will not be allowed to participate and/or will be removed from the game and premises. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. You will forfeit the opportunity to reschedule a game at our establishment.

​Long before David Copperfield and David Blaine, there was Houdini, the Grand Master of Illusion and the greatest escape artist of all time. After his departure, Houdini's soul became trapped between two worlds. You must help his widow Bess reach him with a Séance and follow his clues so that you can find his hidden workshop. You and your group have just 60 short minutes set yourselves and Houdini’s soul free!​

Join the Mad Scientist in a frantic quest to resurrect the chained up, radioactive Professor and break into the vault to procure valuable assets and key information for your escape. The triggered alarm is counting down 60 minutes to complete annihilation of the lab, can you find and decode all of the clues, codes, and puzzles to escape the Mad Lab alive? 

Strobe Lights, Special Effects and Undead Professor are in use during game. Strongly recommended for ages 16 and up. ​

Choose Your Challenge!


  • You must arrive promptly at your reserved time as games cannot be held for late participants.  

  • You will be here about 1.5 hours for each game

  • Room Capacity ranges from 10-12 people. If you do not book out the entire room, you will be paired with other parties. 

  • ​Minors must be accompanied by an adult at check-in. Ages 6-12 need an adult in the game. Ages 5 and under will not be allowed to participate. (Waivers/Details regarding age requirements on FAQs page)

  • Cancellations or Reschedules must be done through the link in your confirmation email no later than 24 hours before your reserved game time. 

  • Participants who arrive intoxicated will not be allowed to enter the game. 

Unfortunately, there are no refunds or reschedules. Please be sure to read Terms & Conditions when booking. ​​